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Customs Clearance

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If your goods stays on a dock awaiting customs clearance

for even a day, you will probably lose market trends and considerable amount of money.

We understand that your aim is reliable speed to reach market place on time and not to let your competitors squander your place in the market.

Incompetence, incomplete or wrong customs documentation inevitably cause considerable delays in customs clearance, transportation, and will affect and delivery speed and reliability of supply.

To minimize your customs issues, Ruru provides:

  Import and brokerage free consultancy offered through our global sea- and airfreight operations affiliates family.

  Customs clearance services handled in step by step by experienced professionals who will lead you throughout
entire process stress free.

  Information system interfaces that are connected to customs authorities’ operational systems and our Magaya cargo

  System which you can access and trace your shipment progress anywhere anytime.

  Our professional and dedicated dream team is always connected to each other on instant basis to keep all up dating
and ensuring you are happy in the end.

  Remote integration of automated customs clearance systems.

  Classification and valuation capability.

  Customs transit and other bond underwriting.

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