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Air Freight

Air Freight

Ruru has airfreight services providing international bulk and consolidated airfreight export, import and trans-shipment of air cargo for short and long haul routes. Our clients are guaranteed on time and secure shipment as we have a network of agents worldwide and highly experienced staffs. Ruru airfreight office and bonded warehouse is located at Julius Nyerere International Airport, a convenience enjoyed by our clients. Documentation and clearance formalities are all organized at the airport with Ruru working closely with Customs and Bio- security. Fumigation services are available, if required. Ruru provides door-to-door pickup and delivery of air cargo and packing as needed. We can even provide air transfer for pets. Export air cargo is received at our Export Freight Centre where we load unitized cargo and deliver these directly to the ground handling agent for the carrier.

Our staff are trained and certified in Air Cargo Security procedures and exporters need to comply with strict security rules that are explained by us before a consignment is exported. Our trainers visit production facilities to inspect and train the exporters’ staff on procedures and documentation. Exports of fresh fish, perishables, garments and live animals are professionally handled by our trained staff and our facilities and equipment meet world aviation standards. Freezer and cool room facilities with a stand-by power generator and a well- secured bonded warehouse are located within our Airport complex. Imports are transferred from the international terminal cargo facility direct on arrival and stored in our bonded warehouse.

Once cleared by Customs and Bio-security our clients are notified of their cargo's availability for pick up or our secure canopy trucks can deliver goods overnight to Suva and same day to western destinations.



RURU Tanzania Limited
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